The Daily Twitter: #mencallmethings

Christina here…

Here’s a new Daily Twitter!

I must admit: I do actually have ethical standards when I interact with people on twitter:

1. I mostly seek out people saying negative things about atheists or gay people on Twitter.

2. I re-tweet the person’s tweet, editing it for shortness if needed.

3. I only do this one time. If they respond to me, I respond back, once.

4. I try to not attack the person, or say something mean unless I am repeating something verbatim that they said about atheists/gay peeps.

5. I don’t expect to change the mind of the tweeter.

So anyway, here’s an interesting set of exchanges.







I guess Neil Blake took some time to check out my twitter feed, because he took time out of his day to tweet this at another guy I was conversing with:



Ah Twitter. Such wrath can come as a result of such benign statements.

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  • michaelbarr

    A good example of what people SHOULD be intolerant of. This guy has no respect for others (or the English language for that matter).

  • IslandBrewer

    Christina, I applaud you. I wish my skin were half as thick as yours.

    And attempting to engage folks like that, requires way more fortitude than I can usually muster.

  • Ms. Anthrope

    Unfortunately, for this guy and others, disagreement equals disrespect. I’m actually in awe of you for keeping on topic and not cussing this person out.

  • IslandBrewer

    You know, it’s interesting that this is “#mencallmethings”, and while I’m sure it’s a vast majority of men who call you stuff, I’ll bet you can dig up women who use (almost) just as misogynist language.

    On further reflection, the “Go suck a cock” thing? There’s a special level of insultingness that only men seem to be able to reach.

    • J*

      I’m not even sure how this got to be an insult. That’s like telling me to go on a road trip or go drink a beer or see a concert. How is “go do something fun” an insult? Even “go fuck yourself”. Don’t mind if I do!

      • IslandBrewer

        Here, it all has to do with intent. Nothing wrong with being gay, yet “that’s so gay!” is insulting because it implies an inferiority associated with being gay.

        Yes, the homophobic comments are the “worst” insults that people like this can imagine.

        It just amazes me how fast these people retreat to insults.

        • J*

          Well in that example they’re equating gay with stupid which is where the offense comes in. I see the point about intent, but I think it takes more than that. No matter how spitefully I yell “go eat a cookie!” unless the person happens to be diabetic they’re probably going to be more confused than offended.

          • IslandBrewer

            Depends, what kind of cookie?

          • J*

            Your favorite!

          • IslandBrewer


  • Zinc Avenger

    an ugly mofo that sits on the comp poopin

    Oscar Wilde, Winston Churchill, William Shakespeare – to these masters of the subtle put-down wit we now add Neil Blake.

    • ladydreamgirl

      Oscar Wilde, now there’s a person I would PAY to exchange put downs with. He would doubtless make it a pleasure.

  • julian

    well good for u congradulations. Go suck a cock now


    yeah cuz that’s so fucking original. Shit, I ain’t heard that since the last internet plato hopped up on his soapbox.

  • cag

    Insult, you call that an insult? Following is the most disgusting vile, reprehensible, shattering insult possible:

    You’re a Christian.

  • Rando

    I just love it when the Religious want everyone to be “tolerant” of other people’s beliefs, when what they are really saying is “tolerate my beliefs while I ignore yours.” Ahh, religious double standards at their best!

  • Aliasalpha

    I mostly seek out people saying negative things about atheists or gay people on Twitter

    These things men call you, how often does the phrase “Glutton for punishment” occur?

    • Christina

      Never, but it’s totally true. ^.^