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Here’s a quick bit of…fascinating… news reporting straight from

GLAAD Sets Up Ministry of Propaganda to Silence Opponents of Homosexual Agenda

In a sign of their growing intolerance of people who hold positions other than those of the Homosexual Cultural Revolution, the Media Watchdog Organization “GLAAD” (Gay and Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation) has issued a blacklist of commentators. This effort is called the “Commentator Accountability Project“.

The effort recruits likeminded parties to “spy”. They are asked to send reports in to GLAAD if these commentators are featured in local media. GLAAD will then pressure the media sources to not feature their writing. In effect, the organization has established a ministry of propaganda. Its purpose seems to be to ensure that only the positions of the Homosexual Equivalency movement are allowed to be read, heard or considered.

When a public figure makes public comments on a public media forum, how does collecting those comments amount to “spying”?

Spying involves some element of secrecy, or of obtaining confidential information.

GLAAD collects public quotes from certain media personalities/commentators and put them on a website so journalists can use the Commentator Accountability Project to make informed decisions about interviewees.

The Commentator Accountability Project contains facts that every journalist who covers LGBT issues should be familiar with, but usually is not. It’s the responsibility of journalists to inform their audiences about an issue. But it is also journalists’ responsibility to fully inform themselves about the people they’re calling on to provide opposition to the LGBT community, and to relay that information to their readers, listeners, or viewers.

We hope journalists make note of the histories and patterns of those speaking out against the LGBT community, and that the Commentator Accountability Project informs their work so that Americans will have a clearer picture of where these opponents are truly coming from.

According to Deacon Keith Fournier, the writer of this piece at

Its purpose seems to be to ensure that only the positions of the Homosexual Equivalency movement are allowed to be read, heard or considered.

Hm. According to GLAAD’s op-ed:

Please note here that “accountability” does not necessarily mean keeping these people out of the media. But if a reporter is interviewing someone who insinuates that his or her political opponent is controlled by the devil, it’s the reporter’s journalistic responsibility to put that person’s opinion in perspective.

GLAAD starts a project aimed at giving people more knowledge about the positions of media commentators, and this amounts to “censorship”?

Deacon Keith Fournier continues…

The Homosexual equivalency movement demands that homosexual behavior and sexual practices be given the moral and legal equivalence of marriage. They use a similar tactical strategy to the one used in denying the fundamental Human Right to Life to our first neighbors in the womb.

Actually, they use a similar tactical strategy to the one used in advocating for civil rights for blacks, women, and people with disabilities.

The homosexual equivalency effort follows the same playbook. They use Orwellian “newspeak” such as “gay marriage” and “marriage equality”. However, such partnerships are constitutively and objectively incapable of being a marriage. By even using the terms, we fall right into their strategy.

Objectively how? Constitutively, how?

How is “gay marriage” Orwellian newspeak? Oh right, because newspeak is a pejorative term, and you want to convince your audience that you and/or Catholicism have some monopoly on the current definition of marriage.

Except wait. The whole point of Orwelian newspeak was to remove shades of meaning from language. Like the word goodsex:

Goodsex is any form of sex considered acceptable by the Party; specifically, this refers only to married heterosexual sex for the exclusive purpose of providing new children for the Party. All other forms of sex are considered sexcrime.

That’s what Catholics seem to do when they insist marriage has only one meaning – remove shades of meaning…. “”No ideology can erase from the human spirit the certainty that marriage exists solely between a man and a woman ”

The piece of Fournier goes on. and on. and on.

You know though – if your position on marriage is correct, why wouldn’t you want a collection of your most concise quotes on a website in a place where lots of people who support gay marriage can read and consider them? That seems kinda helpful to me.

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