This made me tear up

I know I post a fair amount of the email I get from believers, but I also get some nice emails for which I am very grateful.

I’m still the meanest, but god damn, this one made me puddle up.  It’s from the Healthy Humanist (who lives in a place I sometimes visit, will post pictures should I ever get to meet him) and it was sent in response to this post where I talked about being a little down from encountering evil people.

 I was an active duty Marine Corps sergeant with two tours under my belt.  What you do, what all you activists do, gives my service meaning.  Before any orders were given, before any Iraq deployment, before even getting a uniform the first thing we service people do is swear/affirm to protect the constitution.  When I got out I came home to a country rife with economic corruption and cray political power struggles.  After I determined that I was, in fact, an atheist I continually witnessed the constitution get targeted by religious fanatics and other ne’re-do-wells.  You bloggers motivate me and when I saw your post today and I just had to give it right back.

I know all too well what it means to lose a little hope, gasp at the inhumanity of others, and stand tirelessly through the shittiest of situations.  Don’t ever lose hope.  Look to your left and right.  Look at those who have come before you and who you have trained to take your place.  This is a bottomless reservoir of hope, but I’m sure I’m preaching to the choir.  When I look at you JT I see the everyman, the guy who stands up and says, “Hey, I’m not going to let you get away with this.” So do me a favor.  I don’t know what you had to go through today but when you wake up tomorrow, look yourself in the mirror and say “I’m going to fuck shit up today, and nobody can stop me.”

Let me end my paraphrasing Reagan.  There are atheists who might go their whole life wondering if they made a difference.   JT won’t have that problem.


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