Wanna write a guest post?

Calling all people with patience!

Would you like to write a guest post(s) for this blog?

JT and I seek volunteers who live in or around the areas in which Dr. Brad Harrub will present creationist seminars and retreats in 2012 to attend a seminar and write about it.

I don’t want you to be disruptive or mean, but you can certainly feel free to ask whatever questions you deem appropriate in any Q&A sessions.

Some of the dates you can find below, and I am certain Harrub will add more later as more churches book him:

Mar. 16 – 18 Marriage Seminar Fruitland, MO
Mar. 23 – 25 Origins Seminar Ripon, CA (408) 838-6773
Mar 30 – Apr 1 Origins Seminar Cleburne, TX (817) 517-7713
​Apr 13 -15 Origins Seminar Stuart, OK
​Apr 20 -22 Origins Seminar Bowling Green, KY (270) 792-1513​
​Apr 27 -29 Origins Seminar Bremen, GA

I am actually only 2 hours from Fruitland, MO, but I am already occupied with more important things this weekend. Darn!

Your posts do not have to have the extreme, obnoxious detail as mine, but I would suggest bringing a notebook to take notes, as he gish gallops a lot of material.

You can also keep track of Harrub’s seminars via his website. Contact me if you think you’re up for it. Not only will you get to guest post, but I’ll totally give you the best of hugs if we ever find ourselves in a nearby spatial temporal location.

Reach Christina at Zizturiswrong {at} gmail [dotcom] or on Twitter @Ziztur

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