We're Still on Our Way

Oh hey, it’s still Michaelyn!

Please excuse the delay; we found the part of Pennsylvania where 3G was nowhere to be found which is apparently all of Pennsylvania. Don’t worry, I’ll give you the rundown and let you how about awesome our trip was.

First off, we found Fallingwater! There was water. And it totally fell.


We were unable to go inside the house because they only do tours every other day, but we still got to walk around the property. That saved us a bit of money anyway. 🙂 The house was really pretty. When I said “Can you imagine living here?” JT decided that he would rather live close to civilization. He is under the impression that grocery shopping being an all day affair would suck. I think he’s silly.

After Fallingwater, I attempted to write this update. We were using JT’s phone for music and internet access, but we couldn’t have both at the same time. This resulted in JT humming the tune of that Greatest Adventure song from the Hobbit. Yep. That happened. Then the internet died, so we switched over to real music. JT put on the real soundtrack from the Hobbit cartoon. So…yeah.(Thankfully, we only listened to a couple songs).  Despite there being no internet access, PA is pretty. It was a nice break from Kansas, which is where I live. Sometime we get hills there, but other than that it sucks to drive through.

We made our way to Maryland easily, which is where our hotel for the night is. We stopped to grab dinner at Olive Garden, and it was glorious.

Tomorrow we’ll move on to DC for adventures at the Smithsonian and Medieval Times. I think JT is more excited about Medieval Times. I’ve tried explaining the awesomeness of the Air and Space Museum and also the Natural History Museum but to no avail. He’ll see.

Here are some of my favorite shots from our trip! 🙂

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