WWJTD NCAA bracket group!

It’s March Madness!  On espn.com you can fill out a virtual bracket and join a group to compete against your friends.  There is a group, WWJTD, where Michaelyn and I have entered our brackets (along with a bracket we each filled by flipping a coin).

I hate John Calipari.  Ed Brayton is sensible when he says

I think Kentucky wins it all, then gets stripped of the title in a couple years when we find out that John Calipari is cheating, as always.

I can’t deny Kentucky is a juggernaut this year.  That’s why I have them in the final game…losing to three-seed Florida State!

And I’m sorry, Ed, but Michigan St. is the most overrated #1 seed in history this year.  I’ve got 4 Louisville knocking them out in the Sweet 16.  As for upsets, at least one 12 seed always comes out of the first round.  I really wanted to pick 12 Harvard over 5 Vandy, but I have too much SEC loyalty for that.  I think that’s the most likely 12 seed upset though.  Instead, I went with VCU over Wichita State.  I also have 10 Xavier over 7 Notre Dame and 10 West Virgina over 7 Conzaga, and 13 Montana over overrated 4 Wisconsin.

My Final Four is 1 Kentucky, 4 Louisville, 3 Florida State, and 1 North Carolina, with Florida State knocking off both remaining #1 seeds to take it all.

I’m throwing down the challenge to Ed: pit your bracket against mine by joining the WWJTD group!  Admittedly, I’ve not been following college basketball as much as in the past, but I still think I can top Mr. Brayton!

View my bracket here.  View Michaelyn’s here.  View a listing of all the brackets in the WWJTD group here.


  • Michaelyn

    You can’t view other brackets until the second round of the tournament. At least, that’s what ESPN is telling me.

    • http://cincinatheist.blogspot.com cincinatheist

      Yeah, they don’t want you to “cheat” by seeing what everyone else in the group picked until after the games start and the brackets lock. ;-)

      • http://cincinatheist.blogspot.com cincinatheist

        BTW, I’m in and comin’ at ya bros!

  • http://skepticalimerick.blogspot.com/ Rich Stage

    Prophecy, they say, is a sin.
    You’ll all be stuck with chagrin.
    I’ve looked all around
    and I think I’ve found
    a path for my Buckeyes to win!

    Yeah, I am an unabashed fan of OSU. I also pick the same Final Four as the president. I think that, with Buford, Sullinger and Craft, the Buckeyes can match up with just about anyone in the country.

    • http://freethoughtblogs.com/wwjtd JT Eberhard

      Sorry Rich, OSU falls in the sweet 16. ;)

      • http://skepticalimerick.blogspot.com/ Rich Stage

        OSU-Missouri in the final. OSU wins by 1 at the buzzer.


        • Michaelyn

          Did you just say OSU-Missouri?? As much as I appreciate the support of the Big 12…I DESPISE THIS FINAL PICKING SO MUCH.

          Game on.

          • http://skepticalimerick.blogspot.com/ Rich Stage

            I consulted the bones, sacrificed the believers and checked the entrails. All signs point to OSU-Missouri.

            The chickens came back undecided, but I stand by my methods.

        • JohnM

          Probably because I watched Missouri lose to Norfolk State yesterday. Remember, reality trumps faith every time.

  • Andy Long

    I set my bracket up yesterday and added it to the group today. Yet another Cincinnati atheist!

    Currently 6/6 thanks to VCU :)

  • stubby

    JT you really dodged a bullet today with FSU. I picked the tournament for over 20 years but I gave it up 5 years ago. It’s a lot more fun to watch the games when I don’t have to root for teams I hate, like Duke and Kentucky.

    • http://freethoughtblogs.com/wwjtd JT Eberhard

      Yeah, that pick has me worried now…

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