You thought an internet poll would save you from atheists?

Well what do you know, it’s a poll.  It is about the forthcoming Rock Beyond Belief concert at Fort Bragg and asks,

“Will you support the atheist concert venue on post this month?”

Of course, it doesn’t matter whether or not the public supports it.  Mob rule does not destroy the principle of equality that is the underpinning of the idea of America.  If the army is going to allow Christian-themed concerts, they must allow the atheists space as well.  Something about that “equality” and “freedom” our soldiers are defending.

However, I’m told by Justin Griffith that this little poll is actually being used to try and get the event cancelled.  It has found its way into the hands of some higher ups in the military (presumably via the person who set up the poll).

I suspect you all can help make that shady little plan backfire.  Go destroy it.

Well I’ll be damned.  Amazingly, people’s opinions on Rock Beyond Belief have rapidly changed.  At this rate military officials will feel compelled to host Rock Beyond Belief II the following weekend.

Seriously, don’t fuck with atheists on the internet.  It’s ours.

Also, I’m finally going to get to meet Justin at the Reason Rally.  I think I can take him in a fight.  😛

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