American Airlines fucked this one up

I hate Delta Airlines.  They suck immensely.  But I’ll still fly them if they’re cheapest for whatever group bringing me in to speak.

Well, American Airlines has just squirmed their way beneath Delta in my eyes.  My speaker page at the SSA has been updated to say that I will not fly AA until they fix this.

American Airlines is planning to run disproved and dangerous anti-vaccination propaganda from The Australian Vaccination Network (AVN), via it’s in-flight “Executive Report” media and “American Way” magazine, from July to August.

Not cool.  There’s a petition for AA to pull the ads at the first link above.  You should follow it and add your name.

And, after more research, I see Delta’s kinda doing the sameish thing.  Ugh, why doesn’t Southwest fly everywhere so I can ditch Delta too?  At least they’re talking about pulling the ads.  2,000 signatures was enough to get Delta to reconsider.  I suspect we can beat that with AA.

Here’s my signature.

Go make it happen.


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