Anybody want to sit with the superstars?

I got my speaker book for the Freethought Festival in Madison this weekend and on page three I saw the following sentence.

Seats will be reserved for speakers in the front row of the lecture hall.

Ugh, class distinction.  So I wrote back and asked the organizers if I could give up my seat.  They said sure.  So I’m going to go sit in the audience and let other people sit up with the superstars (and there will be a lot of them there).

There will be lots of talks.  If multiple people want the seat, we can work something out for who gets it and when.  Leave a request for it in the comments here and I’ll work something out.

Also, if you’re going to be at the Freethought Festival leave a comment so I can be sure and get a hug from you!  :)  If there’s enough of us there, maybe we can all grab lunch or something.  :)

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