At Kent State tonight

As soon as I have time I’ll do a post about my talk at Dundee Crown High School yesterday.  Short story: awesome!  Those students were spectacular.  Also, it was national Day of Silence, and plenty of students had tape over their mouths advocating for gay rights.

I spent the day trading magic tricks and singing for students wearing SSA buttons and stickers.  I teamed up with some SSA college students in the area (Andrew, Kate, and Arthur) and we gave out all our swag within a few hours, at which point it was all over the school.  Our table, the atheist table, was constantly the most popular table at the fair.  There were a couple scoffs, but almost everybody was receptive.  It was…a glimpse of what the future could be like.

Inside our first two hours there a group of students had organized, found a faculty sponsor, and told me they were forming an SSA club at the school.  This is why I’d do this job for free.  Working with young adults is the way to change the world and, frankly, they often “get it” better than full-fledged grown ups.

Anyway, I’m off to Kent State today to give Dear Christian 1.5.  It’s Dear Christian 1 with a lot of new elements.  I wrote Dear Christian to answer the most popular arguments for god I heard.  Well, in the last year I’ve become convinced there’s more that need to be included.  Additions to this version include rebuttals to…

“But I feel god!/God speaks to me!”

“Where do your morals come from if not god?”

“Why do we need to argue with religious people?”

If you’re near Kent, OH, come out.  I hear there will be shenanigans afterward.


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