ffffffffffffffffor real?

Christina here…

Oh, One “Million” Moms… you are a parody of yourself.

I got a new email from One “Million” Moms today. I couldn’t help but laugh. While children are starving, being raped, or being abused, One “Million” Moms chooses to use their collective agency to police commercials and media.

Their concern is over this commercial:




Dear Christina,

Not sure of TruGreen’s thought process behind their new ad, but if they are attempting to offend customers, then they have succeeded. TruGreen’s newest “Weed Slayer” commercial includes, “What the Fffffff—front yard?” The actor begins to say the F-word and then switches to front yard. This is not enough to cover up what he meant to say. Parents find this type of advertising inappropriate and unnecessary. Does TruGreen desire for our children to have dirty mouths?

TruGreen may have thought this was humorous, but it is not cute when children go around saying this. All parents know that children repeat what they hear. Let’s stop this commercial dead in its tracks. Let TruGreen know their new ad is irresponsible.


Please send an email letter to TruGreen regarding their new “Weed Slayer” commercial and ask that they pull this ad immediately.


Dear One “Million” Moms,

Not sure if trolling, or prude to the point of absurdity.

My husband knows kids who weren’t allowed to say, “darn” or, “shoot” or “fudge” in their homes, because we all know what those words *really* stood for.  You remind me of those families.

I’m offended by people treating their children this way, teaching them that certain sounds or even substitutions for those sounds cannot be said for fear of punishment. Why not instead instill a strong sense of ethics, and leave these victimless “crimes” out of your parenting strategy, so kids can focus on learning what’s really important about how to be a functioning and productive member of society?

Certain words does not a dirty mouth make. The Truegreen commercial doesn’t even have a “dirty” word.

Yes. It will be so horrible if your children say, “fffffffffffffffffront lawn” and giggle about it. Oh, the humanity. You’re either going to raise uptight asshats or rebels who reject large parts of your culture with that kind of parenting

Speaking of which, One “Million” Moms, have you heard of this guy Tim Minchin, who sang a song at the National Mall in DC with like 75+ of the actual word you so fear? Maybe you should boycott that guy, at least it would be slightly less pathetic.  Slightly.




Seriously, I think I’m going to email OMM and rant at them about what a horrible person Tim Minchin is. Maybe they will garner some national attention for him.

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