Freethought Festival moving along

My talk at the Freethought Festival went pretty well, I felt.  I did a magic trick in the middle of it which I messed up at first run and had to do again.  Thanks to Brianna, the student at Grand Rapids High School who just started a Secular Student Alliance at the school, for being an awesome assistant.  🙂  Anyway, the error made my talk run 30 minutes over time.  Ah well, PZ Myers was following me so it just ate into his time.  A lot of people said our talks complemented each other.  I’ll have to work harder in my antagonism of PZ…

Also, holy crap the “Confronting God” session was amazing.  Every speaker in that session gave a killer talk.

I got to meet FFRF attorney Stephanie Schmitt (the blond in the pics below).  She has been indispensable in my work with high school secular clubs (since administrators often would rather give those groups trouble than obey the law).

Later in the night me and James Crofft (who, I must reiterate, is wrong about a lot of stuff) got our RENT duet in.  Pic below.  Video was taken, but I was…not as sober as I could’ve been, so we’ll see if it ever sees the light of day.  I also punched him.  He loved it.  He called me “daddy.”

Today Lyz Liddell takes the stage to talk about the growth of student atheism.  I’ll be at the SSA table then, but I WANT to see her talk.  Then it’s sleeping on the plane because, as many of you know, atheists know how to have fun late into the night.

This conference has been exceptional.  I hope they do it again next year (I’d happily return if they’d have me).

There have also been a host of really fun people I’ve gotten to meet.  Natalie, Jordan, Brianna, Dennis (not Fuck Beans), Kitar(?), Brian, Amanda, Quinn, Angie, Cindy, and so many more.  Atheists are such fun people!


I mean, we’re so morose without any moral code or reason to enjoy life without god, save for the orgies we’re perpetually having…

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