Getting your money's worth


Remember that time I said you should contact your representative, and handed you an easy method of getting their phone number? Of course you do, because you clicked that link and said “Oh yes, that was the post with some fool dressed up as a hot dog.”

I’ve come across a site which I hope will help nudge you into taking 43 seconds of your time to call your representatives when issues come up.

What’s sopatrack?

Congress raises money from contributors who support and oppose the laws they make. Sopatrack analyzes these contributions to see how often congress votes with the money.

The congressional average for voting with the money is 73%.

Why is this important? This means, that the fine folks who are “serving you” as an elected official, vote directly in line with the wishes of their financial backers 73% of the time.

Take a minute to look the site over, and find your reps. There’s a handy button in the upper right to find them for you. Realize that your rep votes in line with who gives them money because that’s the only opinion whispering in their ear. They’re not hearing from you, they don’t know you care.

Let them know.

(Because data is interesting, I did notice an odd “correlation” you could say, that 9 out of the top 10 highest percentage “votes with the money” were of the same political party.  10 of 10 of the lowest “votes with the money” were of the other party. Take that as you wish.)



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  • unbound

    Wow! My rethuglican representative (who is an absolute moron) actually votes with the money less than my 2 democratic senators. Just goes to show that for issues that affect corporate money, democrat isn’t any better than rethuglican.

    Then again, I’ve known that for a very long time now. I usually end up voting democrat because I’m sick and tired of the rethuglicans trying to roll this country back to the middle ages…

  • Randomfactor

    Same here, unbound. I’ve cast my last vote for the Democratic senator who’s running for re-election this year. I won’t vote Republican but I’ll write in someone else before I endorse the incumbent’s behavior.

    Let me guess: California?

  • Pierce R. Butler

    I really doubt that Joe Manchin is the least money-influenced Senator of them all.

    Having only been elected in 2010, he just hasn’t had enough time to earn as many notches on his belt as most of the rest. (Not sure how anyone could adjust the formula to account for that, though showing totals received, by industry, would help.)

  • Chris from Europe

    Is it sensible to compare Senators and Representatives to each other? I would assume that buying a Senator is a much better investment.