Go see Sam Singleton!

In my write up from the Reason Rally/American Atheists convention, I describe Sam Singleton as one of the more egalitarian and kind “faces” of the atheist movement.  The man is hilarious and poignant on stage and a damn good dude off of it.

He’s got some performances coming up.  If you get the chance to check him out, you won’t regret going.

April 4     7:00PM
with Chris Saunders on keyboards
Florida State Univ.  Tallahassee FL

April 6    7:00PM
Socialize with Brother Sam, some excerpts from TOO BIG FOR GOD
Harmony Hall, Gulfport, MS

April 8    8:00PM
with Chris Saunders on keyboards
Shadowbox Theater
New Orleans, LA

April 13
University of Texas, Dallas
Details to follow

April 14  6:00PM
North Texas Secular Student Convention
Collin College Preston Ridge, Frisco TX


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