Happy Ask an Atheist Day!

Today is Ask an Atheist Day!  Got questions?  Go ahead and ask an atheist!

Don’t know where we get our morals from?  Ask us!

Do we worship Satan?  Ask away!

Do we hate religious people?  Now you can know!

Spread word far and wide, and give support to local SSA chapters who are running Ask an Atheist events!

In honor of the day, I will respond to all comments in this thread asking a question.  I’m an atheist.  Ask me anything.  Doesn’t matter on the subject, doesn’t matter if you’re a believer or not.  :)

The thread has now been opened up to Christina and Dr. Dave!  Got questions for them?  Leave ’em below.

We will answer all questions left in this thread because that’s what you do on Ask an Atheist Day!  😛

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