Help Sarah and Simon bowl for abortion

Bowling for abortion…it rolls off the tongue so nicely.

Two of my office mates, Sarah Moglia and Simon Keegans, are participating in a fundraiser called Bowling for Abortion.  The name pretty much tells you everything you need to know. The money goes to local abortion providers.  She’s trying to raise $300, and has $157 raised.  Simon is trying for $100 and hasn’t managed to raise one red cent.

So here’s the deal:  they must raise $50 each to bowl.  I’ve also gotten a commitment from Sarah that if Simon raises more money then Sarah has to let me choose what music gets played in our office all day Monday (They Might Be Giants, Styx, the possibilities are endless!).

Enter our lovely team here at WWJTD.  Got $5 and think having abortion providers rocks?  Toss it Simon’s way.  Or, if you are the mutinous type, donate to Sarah.  Out of thousands who read this blog, surely 32 of us have $5 and think abortion rules (which will be enough if there are no traitors in our midst).  I gave Sarah$7 already (all the cash that was in my wallet).  I’m breaking out the credit card right now and putting in the first $10 for Simon.  Let’s make this happen.  Go Simon!  Go abortion!  Go WWJTD readers!

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