However do Christians get through their dreary days?

Someone found this on a table in a restaurant and left it on my facebook wall, asking me to comment on 4a and 4b.

Some of the trials you’ve faced because you were a Christian and the ways you’ve responded?  What could the answers to this possibly look like?

Some people think I believe ridiculous things.  I respond by assuring them that every believer of every other religion who thinks god speaks to them is out of their mind, because god really speaks to me.

One of several holidays referencing my beliefs is the only federal holiday that’s also a religious holiday.  I respond by whining about how it’s still not given its due reverence by people acknowledging the existence of other holidays in December.

Nobody tells me I can’t get married.  I respond by shrieking about how other people getting married affects my marriage or infringes on my rights.

I can talk about my beliefs publicly or have bumper stickers proclaiming my beliefs without worry of someone destroying my property or otherwise making my life miserable.  I respond by waxing loudly about the persecution I face as a member of the majority.

I can be assured that every President ever, virtually every SCOTUS justice ever, and almost every senator/congressman ever shares my religious faith.  I respond by ranting about how the various branches of government aren’t sufficiently taking Christianity into account.

And how could their thinking be changed so that these “trials” become pure joy?

Get some god-damned perspective on life.

Christians in the United States have it fucking great!  If you require brainstorming and homework to find joy as a Christian in the US, to whom are you going to appeal for sympathy who has it better than you?  If you think you somehow don’t have it better than the groups who suffer real trials on account of Christians (gays, atheists, women, etc.) then you have less situational awareness than a tree stump.  Realize that if your position of privilege isn’t enough to bring you joy then you’re possessed of a cynicism that dwarfs mine to invisibility.

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