Hunger Games review

Michaelyn and I went to go see The Hunger Games last night.

If you’ve not seen it, go see it.  Stop whatever it is you’re doing and go see this movie.

I tend to like movie/stories that are twisted, but not horror-movie quality scary, as well as movies that are set in a whole other world (like Coraline).  This one fits the bill.  The world of Panem is so fucked up I thought I’d have a hard time buying into the premise.  I didn’t, mostly on account of what a great job the filmmakers did at putting it together on screen.

The acting is top notch.  I thought the best performances were character parts like Woody Harrelson as Heymitch Abernathy and Stanley Tucci as Ceasar Flickman.  But the stars of the film kicked ass as well.

I thought going in that the movie would be violence/suspense driven, what with the plot being set around a tournament where all participants are forced to fight to death.  There’s certainly nothing wrong with that, but I was surprised to find it was largely plot driven.  As a result, despite having virtually zero free time, I’m going to acquire the other two books and try to get through them.

Anyway, I give The Hunger Games 10/10.  I’ll probably try to find a way to get back to the theater and see it again before it’s out.

Also, we saw a preview for this movie, which made me and Michaelyn poop our pants with excitement.  You can bet your ass I’ll be making a sojourn to Kansas this summer to grab Michaelyn, get all dressed up for a classy date, and go see this film.

That’s right – the movie is Abraham Lincoln, Vampire Hunter.  There is no way that could not rule.

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