I'll be in Madison this weekend

This coming weekend there’s going to be a killer event, the University of Madison-Wisconsin Freethought Festival.  I’ll be there.  So will Darrel Ray, Hemant Mehta, Matt Dillahunty, PZ Myers, and Richard Carrier, but also plenty of other high profile atheist d00ds/d00dettes (note there will be four FtBers present…we’re slowly taking over).  Seriously though, check out the rest of the speakers.  There are some pretty impressive names on the roster.

James Croft will also be there.  If we can raise $200 for charity by the end of the week I’ll record the two of us singing RENT together.  If we can raise $500, I’ll record myself punching him in his smiling diplomatic face.*

Director of Campus Organizing for the Secular Student Alliance, Lyz Liddell, will also be there.  You want to talk to her.  She is the most amazing activist you’ll ever meet.

And the best part?  It’s FREE TO GET IN!  So make the trip and track me down for hugs or shenanigans.  :)

The event will span the weekend and will take place in the Mosse Humanities Building, room 3650 at 455 N. Park Street.  You can see the schedule here.

This is a joke.  We’ll probably wind up singing RENT though…

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