Make everything better

Man, there’s been a lot of aggravating stuff to write about lately.  As an antidote to the badness, I offer this video.

And if that doesn’t work, there’s always this button:)

Have a good day, everybody!  Changing the world is a slow process, but look back just ten years and remember we’ve made a metric shit ton of progress.  Keep smiling and having a blast, even while we’re interacting with one of the worst facets of humanity (faith) and being constantly reminded of how much damage it does.

  • Phledge

    Thanks for the “Make Everything OK” button. I pushed it and my bank account went back in the black (which had nothing to do with my getting an expected direct deposit). :)

  • Marshall

    Yeah, as bad as things are sometimes, I can’t help but be optimistic. All WE have to do is speak up and be honest, and those we oppose have to spend time and resources covering up for the fact that they CANNOT be honest. Guess who loses in that equation?

    We win because we’re right. We end up on the right side of history at the end of this thing. Exciting times, for sure.

  • Parse

    Make everything butter? Why not Yoda?

    (Yeah, yeah, I can read. I just initially read it that way, and thought the idea was hilarious.)

  • Ray

    Ugh! I wonder if there is a Firefox add-on that will warn me of possible auto-tune.