NCAA National Championship open thread

Tonight Kentucky plays Kansas for the national title.

Kentucky is a juggernaut this year, and I have a really hard time imagining they’ll lose this game.  They’re not invincible, but they’re damn close.

However, John Calipari is a cheater.  Perhaps, even though he vacated final fours with UMass and Memphis for cheating, he’s legitimately landing three NBA first round picks every recruiting class now, but I don’t buy it.  I think even if Kentucky wins there’s a decent chance they’ll vacate the wins later when Calipari is caught again.  I don’t like the guy.  This sucks because, as a hog fan, I love the SEC.  Also as a hog fan, I used to have tremendous respect for Kentucky and the great rivalry our schools had.  Not anymore.  I just can’t bring myself to cheer for the wildcats.

Plus, Michaelyn goes to KU and is a huge Jayhawk fan.  That plus Calipari being on the sideline for Kentucky pretty much seals the deal for me.

Rock chalk!!!

For those of you watching the game (or planning to watch it), here’s your godless basketball thread.

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  • gregorymarshall

    My feelings for Calipari are the same as yours. Not only has he cheated numerous times, he has parlayed each cheat into a contract for more money. This guy should be banned by the NCAA but no, the kids at the programs he has left behind have to pay his penance whilst he laughs his way to the bank.


    • Mike

      Simple bigoted ignorance. You don’t know the details and are simply ignoring the fact that Calipari has never been named in an NCAA violation while other longer tenured but less successful coaches have been.

  • ‘Tis Himself

    Oh, is the basketball minor league championship being played tonight? That’s nice. It’ll take peoples’ minds off of really important stuff like whether River Tam could kick Buffy’s butt or not.

    • PossumRoadkill

      One of the funniest posts ever. Of course River could kick her ass. Her brain has been surgically modified for make her a killing machine, duh! Oh and vampires just can’t exist so Buffy is clinically insane and fighting imaginary creatures that exist only in her mind.

  • Stephen B.

    Best thing to happen, Kentucky wins, then gets stripped of title that goes to KU, then Calipari and Kentucky are banned for 10 years for recruiting violations.

  • Michaelyn


    But really. Kansas has got this. We’ve got to play our game the whole time, keep them from getting the ball to the inside, and watch out for foul trouble. We’ll rock it. Maybe with some luck, Teahan will nail some 3′s.

  • Turumbar

    I’m from Kansas, live in Kansas City (though on the Mizzery side), go Jayhawks!! RCJH!

  • CJO

    Huge KU fan, and the way we’ve been coming back and winning games without playing all that well, at least for a whole forty minutes, has been pretty entertaining to watch. But I don’t like coming into this one without having put a complete game together in the tournament. Against a team like this, one of the best all-time assemblages of college talent, ever, is no time to be figuring it out on the fly. Our best chance, I think, is just to hang around until late. UK hasn’t been in a tight game at crunch time. Maybe their youth will come out and they’ll get tight when they realize they could lose the game (just like a certain other Calipari coached team did in 2008). I like our chances in a two possession game in the final minutes, but the trick is going to be containing them for the other 30-odd, because they can go off at any time and put the game away in a heartbeat.

    Either way, great season for our Jayhawks.
    Rock Chalk!

  • Ganner

    “Perhaps, even though he vacated final fours with UMass and Memphis for cheating, he’s legitimately landing three NBA first round picks every recruiting class now, but I don’t buy it.”

    A decidedly non-skeptical thing of you to say, JT. Especially since none of his past history involves the sorts of things that improperly get players to your program. His past history never involved paying recruits or other illegal recruiting techniques to acquire players. He had a senior player take money from an agent, and he had a recruit who cheated on his SAT. It’s not at all a stretch to see why top players who want to get to the NBA would go play for a coach who will maximize their chances of getting drafted by displaying, utilizing, and developing their talents early and often at a school that is going to give them media exposure that won’t be topped anywhere else.

  • PossumRoadkill

    Just like collegiate football, the athletes should be considered semi-pro. The illusion that these games were played by student athletes died a long time ago. I love professional sports but I think that we really need to rethink sports programs in our schools in this country.

  • Steven

    Ganner’s right, JT.

    UMass vacated because of Camby’s actions, not Calipari’s. And the NCAA told Memphis that the Rose was eligible to play on MULTIPLE occasions.

    I have to say, I’m quite disappointed in this thread here. Lighthearted as it may be, to come out and declare Calipari a cheater without knowing the background is a little bit hypocritical. You, and everyone else here, should know that correlation does not always equate to causation.

    In the end, however, Kentucky has it’s number 8 and I doubt that banner will be coming down.

    • Ken

      Sadly you the only one that feels that way. And sadly your wrong… He is a cheater. And will be always

      • Ganner

        Haters gonna hate

  • TGAP Dad

    Hmmmm basketball game. Don’t know; don’t care. Maybe if I wish real hard, the entire sport – peewee to pro – will go away.

    Damn. Still here…

  • Mike

    If Calipari should be banned, then so should Calhoun and Boeheim… but wait… weren’t both of them actually named in NCAA violations while he wasn’t? Yes, I believe that is in fact the case. To single out Calipari without mentioning at least those other two is simply sour grapes.

    • Ganner

      To be fair, neither of them were playing in this game. But it is true that nationwide, among fans and media, certain coaches with proven connections to cheating and scandal are simply given a pass on it while others, Calipari being one of them, are just skewered and presumed guilty of anything and everything. There is no consistency.