NCAA National Championship open thread

Tonight Kentucky plays Kansas for the national title.

Kentucky is a juggernaut this year, and I have a really hard time imagining they’ll lose this game.  They’re not invincible, but they’re damn close.

However, John Calipari is a cheater.  Perhaps, even though he vacated final fours with UMass and Memphis for cheating, he’s legitimately landing three NBA first round picks every recruiting class now, but I don’t buy it.  I think even if Kentucky wins there’s a decent chance they’ll vacate the wins later when Calipari is caught again.  I don’t like the guy.  This sucks because, as a hog fan, I love the SEC.  Also as a hog fan, I used to have tremendous respect for Kentucky and the great rivalry our schools had.  Not anymore.  I just can’t bring myself to cheer for the wildcats.

Plus, Michaelyn goes to KU and is a huge Jayhawk fan.  That plus Calipari being on the sideline for Kentucky pretty much seals the deal for me.

Rock chalk!!!

For those of you watching the game (or planning to watch it), here’s your godless basketball thread.

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