One "Million" Moms freaks out over a teen girl kiss

Christina here…

One “Million” Mom’s always brightens my day with their emails.

Their most recent freakout is over the April 2012 Urban Outfitters catalogue, which is chock full of naked men having sex with each other in all sorts of positions showing full nudity and genitals, as well as a full-page shot of a young child being tortured. This time they are right on the money. Wow!

Just kidding.

Here’s their real worry:


WARNING! The April 2012 catalog from Urban Outfitters has begun arriving in home mailboxes the last couple of days. On page two of this catalog is a picture of two women kissing in a face holding

embrace! The ad and catalog are clearly geared toward teenagers.

Before your child has a chance to read the newest Urban Outfitters catalog call to unsubscribe from their mailing list at 1-800-282-2200 , and then throw it away. When you call be sure to let them know why you are unsubscribing. Tell them you will also no longer shop at their stores if you hear this type of advertising continues. The content is offensive and inappropriate for a teen who is the company’s target customer.


Please send an email letter urging Urban Outfitters to discontinue this ad and immediately stop the circulation of the catalog with the two women kissing or you will make a conscious effort to shop elsewhere. Also, suggest they refrain from using this type of advertising in the future. An apology statement from the company for sending an offensive catalog to people’s homes would be appropriate and appreciated by customers and families as well.

Here’s the terrible thing we should boycott:

photo of two women kissing.



Boycott Urban Outfitters.

My eyes have been burned by this horrible sight.

Seriously now, there is nothing offensive about this. For any age group. Unless you’re a raging homophobe.

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