One "Million" Moms freaks out over a teen girl kiss

Christina here…

One “Million” Mom’s always brightens my day with their emails.

Their most recent freakout is over the April 2012 Urban Outfitters catalogue, which is chock full of naked men having sex with each other in all sorts of positions showing full nudity and genitals, as well as a full-page shot of a young child being tortured. This time they are right on the money. Wow!

Just kidding.

Here’s their real worry:


WARNING! The April 2012 catalog from Urban Outfitters has begun arriving in home mailboxes the last couple of days. On page two of this catalog is a picture of two women kissing in a face holding

embrace! The ad and catalog are clearly geared toward teenagers.

Before your child has a chance to read the newest Urban Outfitters catalog call to unsubscribe from their mailing list at 1-800-282-2200 , and then throw it away. When you call be sure to let them know why you are unsubscribing. Tell them you will also no longer shop at their stores if you hear this type of advertising continues. The content is offensive and inappropriate for a teen who is the company’s target customer.


Please send an email letter urging Urban Outfitters to discontinue this ad and immediately stop the circulation of the catalog with the two women kissing or you will make a conscious effort to shop elsewhere. Also, suggest they refrain from using this type of advertising in the future. An apology statement from the company for sending an offensive catalog to people’s homes would be appropriate and appreciated by customers and families as well.

Here’s the terrible thing we should boycott:

photo of two women kissing.



Boycott Urban Outfitters.

My eyes have been burned by this horrible sight.

Seriously now, there is nothing offensive about this. For any age group. Unless you’re a raging homophobe.

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  • Jaketoadie

    “Seriously now, there is nothing offensive about this.”

    I don’t know, that carpet they are standing on is pretty offensive to my eyes. I am going to continue to not shop at Urban Outfitters until they resolve to only show normal, average, tan carpeting in their advertisements. Once they have resolved to do that, and PROVEN their commitment to never show colorful, busy patterned carpeting I will lift my boycott and go back to my usual activity of not shopping there anyway.

    • MatthewL

      I don’t know, the rug could work in the right setting.
      But the drab wall treatment and the cr*p window. Those are offensive.

      • karmakin

        Ditto on the windows. Ugh.

        • RickR

          And really, who likes flash photography?


          • Chris Campbell

            The fact that someone got paid, probably a lot of money, to come up with and produce such a drab, sloppy-looking piece of work – THAT’S offensive.

  • Malkyrian

    Well crap. I was already boycotting Urban Outfitters, because this, and now this call for a boycott makes me want to support them somehow, while at the same time not wanting to support them for the reasons already mentioned.

    This certainly puts me in an awkward position. “Thank you for pissing off OMM but I’m still boycotting you” doesn’t exactly have a nice ring to it…

    • Zugswang

      How about just, “Inadvertently pissing off social conservatives (that you’re otherwise happy to make political contributions to) by having a pictures of girls kissing in your catalog doesn’t change the fact that you’re a bunch of design-stealing, transphobic, inauthentic, money-grabbing, lame, hipster-baiting stooges.”

  • Rabidtreeweasel

    Oh yeah, those girls are way too skinny. Concern over body image is a perfectly valid reason to– wait what? That’s not it? Then I say feed them some oatmeal and then tell them to carry on as they were.

  • Cor (formerly evil)

    I found this post difficult to mast- never mind.

  • Cafeeine

    Why so much fuss over two girls re-enacting the Godfather II kiss of death scene?

  • Karyn

    There isn’t even tongue. What a bunch of prudes.

  • Ace of Sevens

    So the lesson is that when you pander to the homophobes and the lesbian chic audience, you piss off everyone but the douchebags. However, the douchebags are their core market, so this shouldn’t affect them much.

  • Katkinkate

    I agree, also I’m still very conflicted about the style of the dress on the girl on the right. That drastically uneven hem look just doesn’t do it for me. Although I like her sandles. The girl on the left is worse. Those shoes!! Not only is she courting broken ankles, but they do not go with that dress!

  • CDNSkeptic

    Malkyrian, perhaps subscribe to the catalogue in support against OMM but still don’t shop there?

  • Travis

    Somebody at UO is mad that Santorum dropped out of the race. ;)

  • R. Johnston

    Those black platform heels are quite offensive. Ick.

  • Beth

    I guess I’ll be calling that number this afternoon, to subscribe to the catalog. I’ll be sure to tell them why, and give them a big over the phone high five.

  • michaeld

    I think we should hold a boycott till we see some boy-boy kissing! ;p

    • benblanchard

      I concur, But I demand that the boys actually look like they are enjoying it, unlike those girls…

  • rikitiki

    Well, IF One Million Moms actually had a million moms in it (it doesn’t), then statistically some of those moms would end up with girl-on-girl kissers, ya think?

  • Robert B.

    It’s an awkward pose, too. They almost look like they were photoshopped together. The woman in white looks like she’s sleepwalking.

    But seriously, this is a good thing. Especially if it’s aimed at teenagers. I doubt most people notice how ubiquitous depictions of men and women kissing each other are. Or, for that matter, how common and accepted it is for “real” people to do in public. But I bet a lot of gay folks notice. Every time there’s that little subliminal flash of alienation – “that’s for them, not for you.”

  • ds

    Your ignorance is showing…

  • Buffy

    “Please send an email letter urging Urban Outfitters to discontinue this ad and immediately stop the circulation of the catalog with the two women kissing or you will make a conscious effort to shop elsewhere.”

    Right, like any of those hags actually shop at Urban Outfitters.

  • G.Shelley

    but but but
    they donated to Santorum
    Perhaps the Miley Cyryus boycott is having an effect

  • Nymesis86

    i work for urban…all those emails from million moms went into a folder that everyone laughed at…all they did was mass send a form letter anyway…not even original/individual responses

  • Nymesis86

    over 600 emails by 6pm est & all auto sent to a little folder that no one will likely read or care about…I don’t know what they think they are going to accomplish but the haven’t bothered Urban in the slightest…all the CSR’s just hung up with the ppl that called & laughed about their complaints…& the kissing girls isn’t the only complaint, there is the back of a shirtless girl & another pic that shows some nipple

  • MarkNS

    I’m not fashionable enough to shop at Urban Outfitters but I’ll have to try and find something suitable for a frumpy 49 yr old father of a gay woman…just to toss some business their way.

  • Tyrant of Skepsis

    I find the composition and lighting in this photo offensive, and esp in combination with the window, too painful to watch to enjoy the kissing girls in the awkward pose. But that’s because I’m not hip, and old, so no one cares.

  • Grimalkin

    That’s a kiss? Looks more like two sad, bored women standing so close to each other that their faces touched. The girl on the right might even be a store mannequin. Why, it’s actually so crappy that the association with lesbian relationships is offensive.

  • Sarahface

    Where is the passion? Where is the ‘these clothes make me feel good about myself and everything I do’ vibe? (Having said that, none of the pictures in the catalogue really show this, but this one in particular is bad from this perspective.)
    Why do they look like they want to be anywhere else but there, doing anything else but that?
    *That’s* what I really dislike about this.

  • Art

    I’m not offended by any of it. It think the sandals are a questionable choice with that dress, yellow red and black with peach … please, but a lack of good taste, in and of itself, is not offensive. As far as the pose goes it seem the two ladies are not really in the room together. I get the feeling the photographer wanted the little one to wear the stacks to even out the height and then told them to stand close and look vaguely intimate … and ‘click’. The models just want to get paid and go home, and it shows.

  • Midnight Rambler

    The whole photographic composition of this is deeply offensive. The blown out window, the bit of motion blur, the crappy lighting that makes the models look like they were badly photoshopped onto the background, the awkward poses, all trying to make a “hipster snapshot” look even though it was probably shot on a 1D or better…damn, I have to stop now or I’m going to fire off a rant to UO myself.

  • georgekarpel

    Like JakeToadie & Robert & Rick said : This is a lousy photo.
    They should have used a second, remote flash, or a bounce light to even up the dark / light areas. It would have highlighted that ugly carpet and lessened the really bad color contrast of the 2 dresses. Other than that, I don’t see what the problem was.

  • Jen

    How do they know these women didn’t just reunite or they might be sisters?! Either way, my hubby says it’s HOT!

  • Mark

    Not sure what they were trying to accomplish by including this picture in a catalogue.

  • left0ver1under

    I can just imagine the conversation, Urban Outfitters seeking the approval of One Million Morons:

    UO: They can’t be face to face? Okay, how’s this picture?

    OMM: HUGGING? That’s just as lesbian!

    UO: Then what about this one of them holding hands?

    OMM: NO NO NO! Still wrong!

    UO: {*sigh*} Okay, this one. They’re just standing there, not even looking at one another.

    OMM: Females shouldn’t be alone together! It suggests lesbianism!

    UO: Then how about this girl and a guy who-

    OMM: AIGH! NO!

    UO: - are just standing? Okay, here’s a girl standing alone, she-

    OMM: NO! It makes them look independent! Girls should obey their husbands and fathers!

    UO: FINE. Here’s a dress hanging up, no person in the picture.

    OMM: Now you’re advocating abortion! There’s a coathanger in the picture!

    I’m joking as I write that, but I’d bet they really could be that stupid.

    And I don’t know about anyone else, but that “kiss” is about as sexy as the one between Raul Julia and William Hurt in “Kiss Of The Spider Woman” (i.e. not at all).

  • jufulu

    I dropped in this morning and came back to take a second look. I actually like this photograph for exactly the reason some people don’t. The photo has a snapshot rather than a professional feel that I really like. I could see this as being a snapshot taken at a prom (assuming that the two were allowed to be a couple at prom). It’s the imperfections gives it a realistic feel that moves me.

    • Midnight Rambler

      And assuming the girl on the left was really into it, and the one on the right really didn’t want to be with her.

  • Chelli2u

    Guess I need to get on this mailing list also! Please people quit judging people for their sexual preferences. It does not define the person they are! Heck half of you so called bashing women are having heterosexual relationships and I’m sure everything that you are doing is not okay in the Bible either! Quit judging others that is Our Lords job not anyone else’s! Plus until you have walked in someone else’s shoes you should stay quiet. The gay community still are someone’s sons and daughters and could have been one of yours just as easily? We always still love our children no matter what!

  • T


  • anonymous


  • Bunker

    It is kinda silly this whole media created morphing of young peoples sexuality that starting about 2002.
    Who comes up with this. Imagine the board, sitting around trying to concoct this, talking about it.
    I think it is absurd and cheap. That has nothing to do with “religion.” The cult of supposed free thinking
    “liberals” who try and drag religion into this and fight with silly, “ironic” comments all trying to one up
    everyone are to me just as the supposed “conservative mother” they are trying to unsettle. Sometimes
    I think that the whole “anti religion, too school for cool, dead baby joking, snarky anti-idealism” cult is
    simply a reaction to the other, like silly as the “Neo Cons”, or for that matter the wierdos
    sitting around in a board room saying, “yeah, teen girls kissing! That’s how we sell clothes to
    hipsters! Look at the stats of the demographic! These are not just lesbians, they are pseudo bi-sexual products of a pseudo enlightenment that LOVE to be seen in nymph like, “unobtainable” bliss
    that the observer can do nothing about…. he is trapped, chaste by political correctness, bound
    by his own little slivered place, allowed by their society….. and when asked, they’d say they
    don’t even care whose watching! This, to them, is the epitome of cool. To be be lusted after,
    while pretending, in proper hipster fashion, to be cool to care gives power to a whole
    segment of a generation that has known little, if any, save to be lusted after in their gross
    and stunted rebelion to the events and political agendas that they, much like us, often do not
    even understand. They, like many of us, fell powerless. And yet, in this moment, they achieve
    the power of the ultimate cool in a damned world. By showing two teen girls kissing we do
    not just sell clothes to swooning, self obsessed girls…. but the entire demographic of hipster
    youth and other wise, pining to be with them… to have something in common. Urban Outfitters.
    You want us to be you.” Don Draper couldn’t pitch that bullshit. Or more, he wouldn’t.