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I got rage-faced, like all the other cool kids. Behold, I am a rage filled hot dog.

The irony of a guy named Burger posing as a hot dog is not lost upon me.


Perplexing meat issues aside, I was shown a pretty sweet phone app a little bit ago.

It’s called “Congress”

You iPeople will just have to get your own link.

What it does is gives you the easy ability to open an app, and find not only the representatives of your area, but find their phone number. And call them with just a poke of the screen.

You hear a lot about “Call your congress person!” about various issues, but have you ever? I’d like to remove any excuse.

First, get the Congress app. That gets you the right name & phone number for your area.

Second, when you see a petition or issue where it’s appropriate to contact your representative, DO IT.

Worried about not knowing what to say, or that you won’t be able to make a persuasive argument? That you’ll just end up wasting time and feeling like a idiot?

Realize this: There is no chance you will actually be put on the phone with your actual representative. Seriously, did you donate millions of dollars to their campaign? No. *

You’re going to talk to some college intern. They are going to say “Hello, you’ve reached the office of Representative Derp, how can I help you.” Then you say “My name is Herp, and I’d like to express my approval/disapproval of issue X

The intern will say “Ok, and what is your zip code?” and then you give them that. They say “Thank you.


That’s it. That will probably take at least 45 seconds of your time.

Your state rep doesn’t know you care. Let them know, it does matter. A person who cared enough to call represents hundreds who didn’t.  If your rep doesn’t know you care, they can’t represent you.



(*You did? Millions? Seriously? We should talk.)

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