Places I'll be in April

I’ve got three appearances in April.

April 6-9 – Lawrence, KS

I’m flying to Kansas City to see Michaelyn.  This is my weekend.  You can’t have it.  🙂

April 14 – North Texas Secular Student Convention

I’ll be doing a team debate with Matt Dillahunty against John Ferrer and Dr. Robert Sloan Lee on “Does God Exist?”  If you’ve never gotten the chance to see Dillahunty debate someone, you are missing out on one of the all-time greats.

Some of my favorite speakers will be there as well: Damon Fowler, Hemant Mehta, David Fitzgerald, and Sam Singleton.  I’ve never seen Damon speak, but the other three are people I never want to follow on stage.

I’m going to get in on Friday and will be meeting a long-time reader, Courtney Alexandra (who used to passionately debate me as a Christian, we giggle about that now), for the first time.  I’ll be looking to hang out with others!  David Fitzgerald will be giving a talk at Collin College Friday night at 6pm and Sam Singleton will be at UT Dallas, also at 6pm.  It sucks that we can’t be at both talks, but I assume there will be massive hanging out later.  Come out and have godless fun with us!

You can purchase tickets here.  They are super cheap for this kind of a lineup (imagine that, students working in the interest of people who don’t have hundreds of extra bucks to spend! Go students!)

General Admission: $35
Non-SSA Student (school ID required): $20
Debate only: $20
Secular Student Alliance Members: FREE
Tickets will also be available via cash at the door

The conference will take place at Collin College’s Preston Ridge Campus in Frisco, TX.  The convention will last from 9am until 6pm.  As for as the conference center, there isn’t really a room number, it’s just the conference center.  Technically it might be part of J building.  Here are driving directions and here’s a helpful diagram.

Click me to make me large!

April 21 – Kent State University

I’ll be giving a modified version of Dear Christian.  Hopefully it will be like when I gave the talk at Grand Rapids and there will be lots of believers in the audience.  My talk for Skepticon V will be a new talk unimaginatively titled Dear Christian 2.  It’s the same vein as the first, I’ll just be going through a bunch of new arguments for god’s existence that I hear all the freaking time.  Anyway, at Kent State I’ll be test driving some of the new elements for that talk for the first time.

Plus, I hear there will be fun and shenanigans at other times that weekend.  Wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

I’m not sure where/what time this is taking place.  As soon as I know, you’ll know.

April 27-29 – Freethought Festival, University of Wisconsin-Madison

Talk about an impressive event!  Even as the co-founder/original organizer of Skepticon, the work of Chris Calvey, Quinn Heck and the other students at the Atheists, Humanists, and Agnostics at UW-Wisconsin floors me.  I have no idea how they did something like this for a first-year convention, but they have.  This is seriously one of the more impressive accomplishments I’ve seen from a student group.

First, it’s free to get in.  But they haven’t sacrificed quality to keep the price tag low.  The speakers include some of my favorites; people who I will never miss if I can help it.  People like Darrel Ray, Hemant Mehta, Matt Dillahunty, PZ Myers, and Richard Carrier, but also plenty of other high profile atheist d00ds/d00dettes (note there will be four FtBers present…we’re slowly taking over).

This will also afford me the chance to meet Dale McGowan, which I’ve wanted to do for a while.

For my part, I’ll be giving another test mashup of Dear Christian with elements from the forthcoming Dear Christian 2.

The event will span the weekend and will take place in the Mosse Humanities Building, room 3650 at 455 N. Park Street.  You can see all the speakers here and see the schedule here.

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