Atheist poker for charity

Bumping this up! Remember any donations above the cost of my plane ticket go to Foundation Beyond Belief.  🙂

I come from a whole family of card players.  Poker is commonly played when I visit my childhood home.  So when I got the invite to be a “celebrity” player (how do you say that without sounding pretentious as hell?) for Poker in the Church, I couldn’t hardly turn it down.

Poker in the Church is a fundraiser at the International Freethought Film Festival to benefit Foundation Beyond Belief.  It will take place in a nightclub called The Church.

Atheists willing to contribute to the cause will be able to play in the tournament where, seated at each table, will be a popular atheist such as myself, JREF president D.J. Grothe, FtB founder Ed Brayton, and others.  Which brings me to my next point…


I must defeat Ed Brayton.


The man may be the best atheist poker player in the world and he’s been talking all kinds of good shit to me in emails.  I must bring him down and laugh at his tears.  Some of my co-workers will be featured as well.  My boss, Lyz Liddell will play, as will SSA communications director Jesse Galef.

Here’s the deal though: because they want as much of the raised funds as possible to go to Foundation Beyond Belief, they’re asking even the celebrity players to get to Denver on their own dime.  For those of us with out-of-state girlfriends, this is problematic.  And so I turn to you, dear readers.  It looks like it will take about $400 to get me to Denver in August.  Whatever I raise above the cost of a plane ticket I will donate in the good name of WWJTD readers to FBB at the event.

And if you’re going to attend the festival or if you live in the area, consider playing.  You can get a spectator pass for $75 and entry to the game for $250.  All proceeds go to Foundation Beyond Belief.  I will show no mercy though.  🙂

Oh, it’s on.  Ed has thrown down the gauntlet.  We also have a side bet.  Victory for me not only means I get to revel in his shameful tears, but he also must attend Skepticon V wearing a shirt reading “JT is a poker god”.  This only sweetens the pot for me.

Ed is going down like Ted Haggard on meth.

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