Christian troll says, "You can't stop us!" Technology says, "o rly?"

I’ve banned a group of people in the KC area who can only be described as professional trolls.  They’re Christians for sure, which hasn’t stopped them from being pathological liars and incessantly vile without substance.

I used to not think much of it.  I got paid for them trolling my blog and what helps me more than Christians showing the world how belief in Christ not only doesn’t make people better, but that it often makes them worse?

Of course, plenty of Christians read my blog and post oppositional comments (Mark is a prime example).  But I got sick of this KC group derailing threads and not even trying to say anything of substance and down came the ban hammer.  Now their comments go immediately into moderation due to my sick IP banning skills.  I still get to read them though.  They’ve become a steady stream of impotent whining about me not giving them a platform and how it must be because I’m afraid of their logic (which lately has been comments saying I have a tiny penis).

Here was their most recent.

To find a comment from the author “You Can’t Stop Us” in a filter for comments that never see the light of day makes me smile.

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