Dad gets in on the act

Dad got a message on facebook too.

John, I have to wonder- why do you dedicate so much of your time to disproving Christianity? Does our belief offend you so much? Can’t you just let us continue in our “ignorance” without posting about its stupidity so much? I am friends with you on facebook because I want to know what is going on with you and I value your wit and wisdom, but it is frustrating to see someone putting down something that means so much to me daily. If I knew how to block some posts of yours and not others I would, but I can’t. So I’m asking you to have the same respect for me and my beliefs that you ask Christians to have for you and your beliefs and not push so hard for non-Atheists to accept your beliefs.

Ruh roh.

Well, Kimberly, there are a couple of reasons.

Christianity is a hypothesis about how the world works, and as such is subject to criticism just like any other hypothesis about how the world works, whether it be communism, Keynesian economic theory, Republican political theory, capitalism, or whatever. I don’t mind people criticizing my beliefs (or lack thereof), in part because I feel like I can defend them and realize that if I can’t, then perhaps as a reasoning person I may need to change them. As Socrates said, “The life which is unexamined is not worth living.” So, please feel welcome to criticize my beliefs. I know I’m not always right and I like to learn.

Although I respect you and expect you to respect me, my ideas and beliefs are fair game for criticism as are any other hypotheses…….and I would think that would include yours. I don’t take it personally when someone criticizes my preferred hypotheses and am somewhat surprised when others do. I regret you find my opinion of which ideas are silly to be some sort of personal slam. It isn’t.

Another reason is that beliefs are the foundations for actions. The Christian belief is used to justify a lot of evil in this country, and because there are not enough Christians doing something to stop that evil flowing from their pew mates, I feel it is incumbent upon people like me to speak up.

In addition to the constitutional separation of church and state—a real hot button issue for me—someone needs to speak out against stuff like:,0,5822694.story
Pastor calls for gays and lesbians be rounded up and held behind electrified fences until they die off. Pastor Curtis Knapp calls on the government to kill gays.
Toddlers being indoctrinated to hate homosexuals.
Pastor Sean Harris “Beat the gay out of your child”.

Let’s face it: the wellspring or launching pad of a lot of political ideas is the pulpit. When the basis of bad political ideas is “The bible says so”, how do you combat that without saying “The bible is wrong, and the religion that springs from it is being counter productive here.” This is a serious question and I would appreciate an answer.

Another reason is because so few Christians actually read their bible or are informed about their religion. My current status is an example of that, that biblical scholars are quite certain several of Paul’s letters are forged, a great many of the books of the bible were not written by the person to whom they are attributed, there is no evidence AT ALL for the Great Flood or the Exodus (and there should be), and so on. I am amazed that people would prefer or promote blissful ignorance to factual information.

Folks are welcome to believe whatever they want, but don’t you think they should be exposed to factual information? Especially if they are going to use those beliefs for real world decisions that effect others. This is a serious question and I would appreciate an answer.

Thank you for opening the door to this discussion. Again, I have all of the respect in the world for YOU…..but I don’t feel I have an obligation to respect what I believe are bad ideas such as Aztec, Roman, or any other gods.

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