Epic breakfast date

Physioproffe thinks he has cornered the market on blogs about cooking.  No longer!

Michaelyn and I saw the most recent episode of Epic Meal Time.  Even though it contained the only thing they’ve ever made that didn’t look appetizing to me (sticks of butter covered in peanut butter and deep fried), it did inspire us.  Today, we made an epic breakfast.

Our tools

We got some eggs, some peanut butter, some blackberry jam, some wheat bread (because we’re health conscious), and, of course, a pound of bacon.

Startin' off with some bacon strips.


They can get kinda greasy, so Michaelyn fixes them!

We make peanut butter and jelly sandwiches!

I made a sandwich! I'm a chef!

We beat some eggs, then Michaelyn adds some cinnamon.

Michaelyn is the one who actually knows how to cook.

We cut the crusts off.

We use a fork to seal the tasty inside, turning our PBJ & B sandwiches into PBJ & B dumplings.

Then my dumpling begins french toasting them.

And there they were: peanut butter, jam, and bacon french toast dumplings.


Candle lit breakfast...at noon! I had wine because I'm classy.

She's beautiful. It was a good date.

We will have more cooking exploits later today.  Stay tuned!

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