Fair warning: this will make you angrier and a little dumber

Remember the pastor who said he wanted to put LGBT people behind electrified fences and left there until they died of starvation (which, someone said, was not tantamount to murder).  Well, he has a 1200-member congregation (they were the ones shouting “Amen” at the idea of the genocide of normal people), and one of them took the airwaves to defend pastor Worley.

Take away one neuron from this woman and she’d have to be watered regularly.

This is one of the many lousy things about faith.  In general we reserve reverence for the opinions of the wise while rejecting the opinions of the foolish.  But with faith, the beliefs of the foolish are privy to the de facto reverence reserved for faith-based beliefs in our culture.  Faith allows people to be stupid and to think the judge of their stupidity is god (who, it turns out, always backs them up with his infinite wisdom – remember, it’s not Christians judging gays, it’s god!) rather than the minimum human standard for bleeding-from-the-ears stupid.

She treats pastor Worley like Christians treat the parts of the bible that call for slaughter of gay people: context!  Like saying, “Don’t you know that the people to whom I look for wisdom are less talented communicators than I?”  Then, once it’s pointed out that context doesn’t make it better, their mind doesn’t change, they just start babbling more excuses.

Anderson pissed me off at one point.  He asked, “Does it sound Christian to say that?”  This is a completely irrelevant question.  The idea’s status as morally reprehensible does not depend whether or not it’s truly Christian.  I hate it when moderate Christians see stuff like this and their first response is to tell us that those people aren’t really Christians or aren’t really behaving as a Christian would, as if there were a dependably solid idea of how a Christian should act.  What bugs me is that people like Stacy and pastor Worley are just as likely to be right about god’s will as the moderates, even if they’re different.  That’s the part that should make the moderates worry.  It’s the part that makes them and Stacy brothers/sisters in Christ.

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