FFRF event in Alabama in June

I love all my speaking gigs, but every now and again one comes down the pipe that just makes me giddy.  The FFRF’s July Lake Hypatia Advance, June 29-July 1, is one of those events.

Just look at the description!

The annual “Glorious 4th” at Lake Hypatia, Ala., sponsored by the Alabama Freethought Association, an FFRF chapter, takes place on the weekend closest to July 4th. The event, held in FFRF’s air-conditioned southern Freethought Hall, includes two and a half days of speakers, recreation — hikes, poetry reading and the “atheist vs. agnostic” softball tournament — and an appreciation ceremony for freethinking veterans at the Atheists in Foxholes monument.

I love hiking!  I love softball (even though I suck at it)!  And I love having fun with other atheists!  And I get to give a talk?  Fuck yes!

As for the talk, I’ve been testing out new material for my Skepticon V talk, Dear Christian 2, for the last few months.  It’s been well-received everywhere, so I’m going to continue that trend here.  There will be a lot of new material, so it’ll be a lot of fun for me (and hopefully for those in attendance).

Register for the event here.  It’s cheap!

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