Fun at the barbecue!

Here are some more pictures from my faux vacation.  Michaelyn is convinced I like kids.  I don’t know what she’s talking about.

  • doctorburger

    Be careful, that ginger is probably trying to steal your soul.

  • Stephanie Zvan

    I think you have a somewhat unfair advantage at Twister. You know, actually being bigger than the mat and all.

  • garyusleaman

    Oh, so you had a Staycation! I *highly* recommend you watch “Corner Gas”, Season 3, Episode 6, called Mail Fraud.

    • JT Eberhard

      Are you trying to be subtle and insulting?

      • jolo5309

        I cannot speak for him, but he is talking about staycations, a word that was coined in that particular episode of Corner Gas, a Canadian sitcom and not insulting you.

        • JT Eberhard

          Phew. :) It just seemed so random that I thought “mail fraud” might have been insinuating “male fraud” due to other threads.

          Good to know. :)

      • Gary Usleaman

        It’s a recommendation for a TV series. Not subtle at all, but could be insulting if you hate the show. Maybe?

        • JT Eberhard

          Yeah, my bad, Gary. Sorry about that. :)

  • Kaoru Negisa

    You don’t like kids. You thought somebody had brought you lunch. It was a barbecue, after all.