Graduation rates vs. voting tendency

This made me smile.  :)  Click the image to make it huge!

  • fastlane

    I wonder what the p value is (correlation) for College degrees vs. voting tendency, for B(A/S), M(A/S), and PhDs. Proof that colleges are just a liberal indoctrination!! =P

    More like proof that reality has a strong liberal bias.

    • Mike Brownstein

      Higher educated people tend to be liberal, this has been a trend since people have been keeping track of polls.

  • Randomfactor

    Not seeing a lot of correspondence there myself. California (highest rate) and Nevada (lowest) both went D. Colorado and Kansas are both second from the bottom, and they split. Sure, no top-grad states went red, but a couple of second-level states did…

  • baal

    Party affiliation is still the best determiner of voting but level of education is also up there as a predictor. I don’ think it’s an accident that (R) controlled legislatures defund higher ed and use accounting shifts to take $$ away from regular ed.

  • Christina

    This is just proof of the vast marxisocialiberalatheist conspiracy running amok among college professors.

    All of these kids went into the marxist propaganda torture machine and came out agreeing with their captor darwinian professors. I’m SOOO convinced.

    ^The above shall be taken as extreme sarcasm.