Guild Wars 2 looks awesome

For most gamers who have grown to despise the once-noble Blizzard, and even for many World of Warcraft players, there is a thought that beats like a drum in the back of our skulls everywhere we go: “die WoW, die!”  I had hoped that SWTOR would be WoW’s undoing, and while SWTOR is fun with friends and got a lot right, admittedly it lacks WoW’s polish.

The new hope for the gamer kingdom is Guild Wars 2, and it looks good.

I pre-purchaed it, which gets me in on beta weekends.  I’ll have a review up afterward.

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  • KirikaSena

    I haven’t been able to participate in the beta weekends, as finals have left me quite busy. I’m hoping that they’ll have a few more during the next month, though, as I’m really looking forward to this game. ^_^

  • kagekiri

    It plays pretty dang well, too. I really like how easy it is to cooperate with others in public quests.

    Only problem now is picking a few main classes; classes become really differently with different weapon, skill, and trait set ups, so it’s hard to gauge how they’ll play in later game stages when more skills and traits are unlocked without a lot of time investment trying things out in the auto-max-level PVP areas.

    I’m thinking of skipping the next few BWEs for the most part, though, because it makes me sad to lose all the character progress over and over again. That said, I’ll probably end up spending a few hours anyway if the BWEs show off the Asura or Sylvari at all.

  • Loqi

    This avid WoW player hopes GW2 is as good as everyone wants it to be. If someone makes a game good enough to actually kill WoW, I’ll be both amazed and eager to play it.

  • Quentin

    I’ve played in the beta so far and I’ve gotta say.. it’s awesome. Whether or not you played the original doesn’t matter. Just buy this.

  • lorimakesquilts

    I hope it’s awesome, cuz, Blizzard, really? pandas? is your new target market 12 year old girls?

  • unbound

    With the continuing decline of WoW (it peaked with Burning Crusade in my opinion and has steadily gone downhill in gameplay and community with the past 2 expansions), I’ve been playing around with a few different MMOs over the past 3 years. SWTOR is definitely worth the money if you actually like an immersive MMORPG (which I know isn’t for everyone)…but still largely sticks to how most MMOs work (e.g. holy trinity of tank, dps, healer).

    Guild Wars 2 is wonderful improvement over Guild Wars (which I never got into) with a lot of actual innovation (as evidenced in the videos). Even if you don’t think GW2 is a WoW killer, people should seriously consider investing in the game to continue encouraging such innovations.

  • Carina


    Also pre-purchsed and played in the last beta weekend. It was magnificent. Initially it took a little time to get used to the controls but once that was out of the way it was great. As Kagekiri said, co-operative play does alot for the game.

    The juxtaposition between skills from different professions make for excellent attack combos so be ready for the teamwork.

    Anyway hope to see you online for the next BWE!

  • Dave, the Kwisatz Haderach

    Yes yes yes! I need to play this soon! I pre-ordered, but unfortunately my old computer just wasn’t up to the task. The replacement should be arriving this week and then Diablo 3 and Secret World and Guild Wars 2, oh my!