Happy birthday Christina!

Christina, who contributes to this blog, is a very dear friend.  She has taught me more than most people I’ve ever met.  She introduced me to polyamory.  She took pictures of me that helped me get a little more comfortable with my body.  She’s a fellow nutjob.  :P  She’s also one of the most caring people I’ve ever encountered.

And today is her 1-up!

Give her some love.  :)

  • http://twitter.com/#!/VeritasKnight VeritasKnight

    Happy birthday, Christina!

  • http://www.freethoughtblogs.com/wwjtd Christina

    I’m fucking thirty years old today! Holy shit.

    Three Oh, yo.

    • Supermental

      Oh.. wish I was that young. 30 was awesome.

  • fastlane

    Young whippersnappers…..

    Yesterday was my 44th. I had awesome sushi (Seattle has some of the best!) and too much sake, but it was so yummy!

    Congrats on another successful trip around the sun.

  • http://onth3outsidecorner.wordpress.com/ otocump

    Happy birthday Christina!

  • Timid Atheist

    From a fellow, and apparently older, May baby, Happy Birthday, lady!

  • http://freethoughtblogs.com/almostdiamonds/ Stephanie Zvan

    Happy birthday, Christina. It’s always nice, on those milestone birthdays, to be able to look around and know you’re making a difference. Never doubt that you’re doing just that here.

  • https://twitter.com/#!/Erulora Erulóra Maikalambe

    Merry birthday!

    Had my 2^5th last month. It goes by fast.

  • http://reasonableconversation.wordpress.com Kaoru Negisa

    Happy birthday, Christina. I hope that it is filled with joy, fun, and more love than you could otherwise handle if you hadn’t just been granted a level 30 xp bonus.

  • Supermental

    Happy birthday. Don’t take any guff from them religious lunatics!!

  • Janee

    Happy birthday to Christina! Whoo!

  • thunk

    I’ll be 16 pretty soon; happy birthday Christina!

  • SherryH

    Happy birthday, Christina! I hope the coming year is filled with wonderful things for you.

  • stubby

    Happy Birthday, Christina.

  • Carol Eberhard

    Love and happy birthday!

  • ccaldwell314

    That first picture of you two is one of the most beautiful things I’ve ever seen.

  • Cynthia

    Oh Happy Happy Birthday!

    30 – that seemed so old when I was a teen, and it seems so young from my viewpoint now. Perspective is a weird thing.

    Enjoy your day and may your next decade be even better than the last 3.