Help with a study on closeted atheism

I got an email the other day from Sarah Morehead with the Recovering From Religion Foundation.  If you are a closeted atheist, they need your help – and all you have to do is talk about your atheism confidentially.  🙂

Hiya JT!

We (Recovering From Religion) are super excited to be working with Daniel Swann at the University of Maryland, and we’ve just launched the study he is doing about closeted atheists that will be published and peer-reviewed this summer. Criteria is merely that they be in the closet in one or more major areas of their life. Folks can email their basic story to to participate, all participants will stay 100% confidential and it’s a very simple process. If you could share this with your networks and contacts, we’d really appreciate it! He’ll contact and interview people on the phone after the initial screening…he has assured me there’s no such thing as “too many applicants” and is prepared to do an extended study if more applicants get involved than he anticipated.

Challenge accepted 😀

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