Know a great activist? Tell the SSA about them!

Ok, the Secular Student Alliance is having a conference this summer, just like we do every year.  It’s awesome.  A lot of your favorite people will be there.  So will I.  You should come (but bear in mind that it’s a leadership conference – don’t come expecting philosophy, come expecting to learn how to be a better activist).

Anyway, every year we give out the Best Awards.  There are a number of categories.

This year we want community input.  You can nominate people for these awards.  So is there someone you know saving the world on their own time that we might know about?  We want you to fix that for us.  Click the above links to either apply yourself or to nominate someone else.

Of course, since we’re the Secular Student Alliance only students can win (or people who were students this last semester, so recent graduates, you’re in…also you don’t need to be a student for obvious categories like Best Educator, Best Advisor, or Best Alumni, don’t be a smartass!).  Other than that, you don’t have to be present at the conference to receive your plaque and phat stack of cash, but you do need to be there to receive applause and in-person gratitude.  To accept you also have to be a member of the national SSA (which is free for students).

There are a lot of people out there busting their asses and doing great work under the radar.  Tell us about them!

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