Let's Attack this giant cross project in Missouri!

Christina here…

So, apparently in my home state of Missouri, in Branson (which is basically like Vegas for Ned Flanders) city developers recently approved plans to build a cross so big, you can go inside of it and ride an elevator to the top.

Despite this cross being on private land and having nothing to do with religious displays on public land, Fox News chose to take a swipe at the Freedom From Religion Foundation and the ACLU in their report of this new development:

Public symbols of Christianity are under attack around the nation, but not in Branson, Mo., where county officials have approved a 200-foot cross that will rival American icons like the Statue of Liberty and the Golden Gate Bridge, according to its developer.

Public symbols of Christianity on publicly-owned land are unconstitutional. This is why people sue to remove them. This thing is on private land.

Elsewhere in the nation, like in Woonsocket, R.I., public displays of Christianity are under fire. A national atheist organization is demanding that the city remove a cross from a 91-year-old memorial honoring hometown soldiers who paid the ultimate sacrifice for their county.

Although the memorial has stood in the parking lot of the Woonsocket fire station for decades with no complaints, the Wisconsin-based Freedom from Religion Foundation began last month calling for it to be stripped of the cross that sits atop it, claiming it violates the First Amendment’s freedom of religion clause. The group also wants the Woonsocket Fire Department to remove “The Firefighter’s Prayer” and a picture of an angel from its website.

See, there is a difference between a “public display” and a “public display on public land”.  I guess that distinction is not quite comprehensible?

The Fox reporter goes on to report about the details of the cross – it will be built on privately owned land – and spends the rest of the article talking about how elsewhere, public displays of Christianity are “under fire”.

See, we’re not going to oppose this cross because the cross is not on public land. This is pretty simple.  Go ahead and build your cross – since it’s free to visit, I’ll probably take a ride to the top to check out the view next time I am in Flandervegas.

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