Maddox on link-baiting

If you run a high traffic site you get emails from people wanting you to promote their stuff.  If it’s something relevant that I support, I’ll plug it in a heartbeat.  However, most of it is stuff from link-baiting sites looking to generate ad revenue.  Maddox has written a great post about it in which he points the finger at one of the greatest offenders.

I mentioned Huffington Post earlier in the email as a “content-aggregator.” Although some modicum of the articles on their site is original content, Huffington Post is by far the most nefarious content aggregator because they wrap all their stolen content with superfluous “commentary” which qualifies their content theft as “fair use.” For example, there’s an article on the site titled “7 Things Women Really Want From Sex.” The actual article is content entirely taken from “FITNESS Magazine” and “Yahoo! Shine.” These articles are little more than wrappers for other people’s content. And it’s completely legal, because they have just enough commentary to make it seem like an article about an article.

It’s kind of ironic that this post contains no real original material and that I’m just aggregating Maddox’s post about aggregating.  Ah well, it’s a good message.  Glad I’m not one of the contributors to this problem.

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