Magic: the Gathering (back in the saddle)

This is…strange.

It’s a weekend.  I checked my calendar…definitely Saturday.  Yet I woke up in my own bed.  I even slept in.  I think…I think this is what rest feels like.

So here I am at home.  I don’t have to go to work.  I’m not on the road.  What shall I do?  Write, of course.  Play SWTOR?  I could…

Dr. David Burger, who contributes to this lovely blog, is an absolute pro at Magic: the Gathering.  He and Emily Has Books play online via a program called cockatrice.  They’ve recently suckered me into playing again.  If you guys play MtG, you should download cockatrice and let me know in the comments.  Maybe we can get some WWJTD games going.  🙂

I don’t generally build decks to win.  Dave taught me well.  I build decks to try and be creative.  As long as people smile and say, “Oh!  That’s a neat idea!” then I’ve done my job.

Here’s a deck I threw together last night.

Auriok Champion x4
Essence Warden x4
Soul Warden x4
Soul’s Attendant x4
Varchild’s War-Riders x4
Weathered Wayferer x3

Sanguine Bond x4

Dispel x4
Krosan Grip x3
Harmonize x4
Sylvan Scrying x3

Forbidden Orchard x4
Vesuva x4
Plateau x4
Savannah x4
Taiga x4

The idea is to give my opponents lots of little critters with my Forbidden Orchards (with and Vesuvas which will become Orchards) while gaining a metric shit ton of life.  I hope this will make them less interested in hitting me (since I’m helping them) and, even if they do swing at me, I’m gaining life by mana burning every turn.  😛

Then I just hang out and wait to drop my Sanguine Bond.

Anyway, I think I’ll create some decks today.  I’ll share when done.

Tonight at 4pm EST I will make a room on Cockatrice title “no moral compass.”  The password will be “deliciousbabies”.  The format is legacy.  Hope to see you all in there!  🙂

We might also play a few games of commander, since I’m really loving that format.  Here are the rules for commander via Dr. Dave.

short version:
99 cards, no duplicates other than basic land, + 1 legendary creature
as your “general”

Your deck may only have mana symbols in it that are on your legendary
general. ie: a sliver queen deck can be all 5. a teferi, mage of
zhalfir can only have blue cards (and artifacts)

that’s the basic idea. there’s a very short banned cards list on that site.

the only other rule is that if you take 21 points of combat damage
from a general, you lose (it’s like poison, sorta)

start at 40 life.

if your general would be exiled/removed from game, or sent to
graveyard, you have the option of putting that card into your “command
zone” (it’s just an outside the game zone)
you may cast your general like it was in your hand for it’s regular
cost + 2mana for each time you have attempted to cast it prior.

So, if you were using Isamaru the legendary puppy, who costs W –
First time you cast him, he costs just W

he dies, you put him in the command zone. if you want to cast him
again, it costs W + 2
next time, W + 4

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