So their children can be as sick as they are

This is sick.

I’m all for teaching children starting at a young age.  Unfortunately, faith has the power to sustain bad ideas so that some people confuse teaching with perverting.  I’m all against teaching children that hate, or that reciting words without thinking about them, will earn applause.  These children have a high probability of becoming fucked up adults who contribute to a world of injustice – all while calling their callousness love.  You want to talk about the power of faith?  There it is.  It is the power to corrupt thought and the actions those thoughts evoke.

God’s “perfect justice”, at its most noble, is a tool for mangling the malleable minds of children.  It stunts the development of critical thought even in the ones where it doesn’t also contaminate their empathy/morality.   One does not need to teach children baseless hate to be a victim of faith.  Those who layer faith with nobility, even while being nice, keep alive the mechanic that produces the more wretched, yet all-too-common, religious behaviors.

The flagrantly ridiculous idea that gay people are despicable is not produced in a vacuum.  It comes from churches.  That is nearly the only place it comes from.  It is an idea taught to adults, so why wouldn’t they teach it it to their children?  The problem is not this particular church, or these particular Christians.  The problem is that faith can support any idea, no matter how horrible.  The problem is faith and its immunity to reason trickling down as a polluted formula that gets fed to children.

Faith is a vice.  It is gullibility pursued.  It can warp even a mature mind, causing otherwise compassionate people to cheer for a young mind perverted.  It has made monsters of people in congregations all across this country charged with the task of teaching children.

It bears repeating: there is nothing to be gained from faith.  It is offensive to humanity.  It is beneath us.  It is anathema to us.  This must be pointed out repeatedly and without remorse.

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