Super Nintendo vs Sega Genesis

Ok, the last thread was pretty big, so let’s have this out right here.

SNES pros:


If you were an RPG nut, you couldn’t beat the SNES.  Secret of Mana, Final Fantasy II & III (or IV & VI for all you emulator peeps), Chrono Trigger (this is enough to win the RPG battle outright), and the Lufia games.  Game, set, match on the RPG front.

Not that there weren’t some good and very innovative RPGs for the Genesis like Phantasy Star IV and Shining Force I & II (and if anybody can find a patched ROM of SF3 for the Saturn, I would give you a huge hug), but nowhere near what the SNES had.

Bigger number of classics

Mega Man X, Star Fox, Metroid, Link, etc.  All great games.  And Super Mario World was a materpiece.  Compare to Sonic the Hedgehog and….well…Sonic the Hedgehog.


The use of top of the pad buttons and an easier layout helped with control and options (8 buttons vs. 3 for the Genesis).


This goes to SNES, hands down.  I’ll be you could hum any number of themes from the SNES right now (Mario theme, Zelda theme, Zero’s theme from Mega Man X, half the Chrono Trigger or Final Fantasy VI soundtrack).  Can any of you still hum the Sonic theme (I can, but I’m a music nerd).

SNES cons:

Not a lot of arcade ports.

Not a lot geared toward adults.

Sega pros:


There was a lot of innovation in Sega games with stuff like Toejam and Earl.

Arcade ports

Altered Beast.  That game owned.

Good sports titles!

Even the shared titles seemed to be presented smoother on the SEGA side.  SEGA wins at sports for sure.

Adult titles

More content for older people.  Mortal Kombat with blood, for instance.

Sega cons:

Game design

Take Sonic out of the mix and SNES rocked SEGA’s face on this front.

Lack of RPGs

When SNES and SEGA were going at it was the golden age of RPGs.


Sega’s strength was its side scrollers and innovation, but they didn’t have enough to overcome the SNES’s polish and solid game design.  SNES wins!

And just for a closer, how many of you remember this theme from Ducktales on the original NES?  :)

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