So, because Thursdays are just terrible, I bring you this, yet another installment of “Hey, it’s not so bad.”



Anthony Smith cannot hear out of his right ear and suffers from hearing loss in his other ear. The 4-year-old from Salem wears a hearing aid, but he woke up one day and decided he wouldn’t put it on.

Anthony told his mother that superheroes don’t wear hearing aids.


Legit concern. He’s 4 years old, and is likely extremely self conscious about his hearing aid. He loves superheros, because they don’t have the same problems as the rest of us, they’re heroic and awesome!

His mom writes Marvel. The writers and illustrators at Marvel respond “This will not do. This, is up with which we will not put.”

Yeah. They create and illustrate a superhero that has a hearing aid. Why “Blue Ear?”

Marvel responded with the image of a superhero known as Hawkeye, a superhero who lost 80-percent of his hearing and wears hearing aids.

Marvel didn’t stop there. They later sent Anthony a drawing of a new superhero, “Blue Ear.” The character is named after Anthony’s hearing aid, which he and his mother have always called blue ear.



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  • Improbable Joe

    Wow… coolest thing I’ve seen all week!

  • Timid Atheist

    Now this is awesome. I’m so glad Marvel is listening and responding so readily to requests for variety in their super heroes.

  • fastlane

    Timid Atheist, they are listening, because they have the Blue Ear!! ;-)

  • Brianne Bilyeu

    *sniff* No…I’ve just got a little something in my eye. Speck of dust. I’m fine.

  • Joven

    Isn’t Echo a fully deaf superhero (or is she mute)? I haven’t read it (because I suck, and put it off because its black and white), but from what I understand its supposed to be pretty good, and maybe more street-level (at least I ran across it while looking for more street-level comics).

  • NotAProphet

    @Brianne, yeah me too, must be the pollen count or something!

  • Roving Rockhound, collector of dirt

    Sniff, sniff.

    And speaking of Marvel… The Avengers was awesome! I <3 Joss Wheadon. His views on god were pretty evident in the movie. I kept waiting for someone to use the word sheeple.

  • Rebecca

    ***sniff*** at work, all choked up. Thank you, JT!

  • kimberlyherbert

    A few years ago our nurse had an oddly high number of kids in one grade fail the screener test the school gives. Thing was if they were failing at this level they should not be able to hear and respond to regular conversation.

    Teacher, councilor, and nurse do a little investigating. The kids wanted hearing aids. One of the cool kids in the grade was hearing impaired and used hearing aids. The kids wanted to be just like him.

  • Jaime

    I think That’s the sweetest thing I’ve seen in a long time. But then again, Marvel does have a history of addressing serious social issues in it’s comics. I’m not at all surprised that they responded in this way for this little boy.