Taking a moment to think of the work we do

I received an email yesterday from August, the SSA’s executive director.  It made me tear up.

Dear JT Eberhard,Jade group

At first Jade’s administrators refused to let her form a club for secular students. All she wanted was a place where students could come together and celebrate reason free from judgement and harassment. There were religious clubs at her school, and Jade saw no reason why a secular group couldn’t form. But the administrators called this group was “too controversial” and blocked its formation.

That’s when we stepped up to the plate. We contacted the administrators ourselves, saying that we would do whatever it took to defend her rights – even if it took a lawsuit. Rather than fight a losing battle, the school changed course. Thanks to the SSA, Jade and her friends will get their group. But there are countless others who still need our help, eager to form activist communities at their campus. We can’t let prejudiced administrators win.

Please donate to the Secular Student Alliance today

Right now you can double your impact! Supporters Jeff Hawkins and Janet Strauss see how critical our work is, and have pledged to match all contributions to the Secular Student Alliance dollar-for-dollar until the end of the year, up to a total of $250,000. Take advantage of this opportunity by donating to the Secular Student Alliance today.

Without the help of supporters like you, students like Jade will get left in the cold with no resources and no support. Bigotry and prejudice will prevail. But, because of supporters like you, we can ensure that students are able to come together.  You can help empower students to take an active role in forming communities and working towards a secular future. The Secular Student Alliance is a 501(c)(3) non-profit and all donations are tax deductible. Please make a donation today!

August BrunsmanSincerely,
August E. Brunsman IV
Executive Director
Secular Student Alliance

P.S. – Remember, every dollar counts – especially when they’re doubled by Jeff Hawkins and Janet Strauss’ $250,000 matching challenge!

We all have our areas of specialty here at the SSA.  I’m surrounded by a group of the best activists in the biz (so good that it is not uncommon for me to feel a little insecure by comparison).

It was me who leaned on the administrators mentioned in the email.  That’s one of the things I’m good at around here.  Of course, administrations hostile to the formation of an atheist club (most of them simultaneously friendly to their school’s FCA) are not uncommon.  Jade’s administration was one out of several I got to send a friendly, “Don’t mess with us” nudge over the course of the semester.  When I’m doing that it’s just business as usual.  But when I read about it I got a little teary.  This is good work.  I’m glad to be doing it.

This is what it’s all about.  It’s why I’d do this job for free.

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