West LaFayette spending government dollars on faith

I don’t have a lot of time to write at the moment, but West LaFayette, IN is about to dump a good amount of government dollars into religion.

As some of you know the city of West Lafayette is considering a proposal by Faith Church to get a 30-year low interest rate bond to help fund the “Faith West” project. According to Faith Church for more than 20 years, Faith has sponsored an on-campus student group named Purdue Bible Fellowship (PBF). Purdue University recognizes PBF as an official student organization. The purpose of PBF is to provide faith-based fellowship and resources to the students, faculty, and staff of Purdue. For two years Faith has been working to locate the best possible home for PBF. After extensive discussions, it was determined that the proposed 6.4 acre site on Northwestern Avenue was the ideal location. We believe this project can meet the unique needs of the Purdue family and advance the cause of Jesus Christ through PBF and our biblical counseling ministry.

It’s illegal.  My friend, Mario, has the scoop.  Go yell at them.

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  • Paul Weaver

    The Freedom From Religion Foundation has a great letter to the West Lafayette Council:


  • http://politicsandpucks.blogspot.com Mike Brownstein

    Just to let everyone know, in about an hour there’s a public hearing, and then it needs to be approved at the next council meeting next month.

  • Zengaze

    Just added a couple of support comments from my new blog account which I will use if I ever think of anything worth saying, or find blog time outside of ftb

  • eric

    Why does a college student group promoting bible study need 6.4 acres? I could see an equestrian student group needing that much room, but bible study? What’s wrong with renting a lecture hall 1/week?

    Its not like you even need a library. Your whole club is centered around reading one, downloadable-for-free book.

  • Bryan

    That’s my alma mater! The funny thing about this is, there are several large churches already in this area. Why do these people need taxpayer money again?

  • http://episcopalianplanetearth.blogspot.com/ Mario


    Yesterday the public hearing of the West Lafayette Economic Development Commission regarding this issue had a full house. Some spoke in favor of this and others like me spoke against it. The vote was 3-1 to pass the resolution on with a favorable recommendation.

    The second hearing and final vote will be during the West Lafayette City Council meeting on June 4th.