What my dogs were doing

Christina here…

Here is what my dogs were doing when I came home from work today.


Photo of three dogs: one on the fridge, one on the counter, one on the floor.


That is all.

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  • http://grimalkinblog.wordpress.com Grimalkin


    My cat has trouble pulling that off. I don’t even.

    That better be a fake dog or something.

  • stubby

    lol that is a great shot.

  • http://atheistlogic.wordpress.com/ Zach

    … HOW!?

  • Mriana

    Looks like they were raiding the kitchen. lol I have 3 cats and one is always on top of the fridge. I know how Shiva, 1 of 3 cats, gets on top of the fridge, but I don’t know how your dog did it.

  • neXus

    D’awwww…. your dogs think they are cats! =P

  • julian

    They’re plotting something.

    Something… sinister…

  • unbound

    And this is why you never, ever have your dogs raised by cats…

  • http://www.facebook.com/ultravomit nicholaswright

    Oooh, an unlikely event. It must be a MiRaClE!!!!! Oogaboogaboogaaaaah! All hail the spaghetti god!

  • Cunning Pam

    Ha! Your dogs are obviously the balance in the universe to my cat that fetches and likes to have his tummy rubbed.

    • julian

      Pretty sure everything likes to have its tummy rubbed.

      • LadyBlack

        Yes, but cats like to have their tummies rubbed right up until the monent when they decide that actually, they’d rather sink all their claws into your suddenly convenient hand.

        It’s a rare cat who will strrreeeeeeetttccchhhhhh out to have their tummy rubbed……oh Brinjal, I miss you……

  • http://surgoshan.blogspot.com/ Surgoshan

    How the bananas did that pup get on the fridge?

  • tajparis

    Floor Dog: “I told them not to do it. I said ‘You’re going to get into trouble! You know you’re not allowed!’ But they didn’t listen.

    Counter Dog: “Oh. Hi. You’re home… so soon. I’m ahhhhh, just looking for… something. Though I saw it up here, oh well. So how was your day?”

    Fridge Dog: “If I don’t move they can’t see me. If I don’t move they can’t see me. If I don’t move they can’t see me…”

  • http://justdfacsmaam.wordpress.com MarkNS

    The pack hierarchy is clearly in evidence.

  • lorimakesquilts

    hahaha Have you been starving them or sumthin?

  • http://mygodlesslife.blogspot.com/ Tris Stock (@mygodlesslife)

    They look pretty guilty. Dogs are bad liars.

  • http://www.stevewarburton.com Steve Warburton

    My guess is the fridge dog jumped up from the end of the kitchen bench (but why). Lucky there is only room for one up there.

    You’ve gotta love pets.

  • Marc

    The floor is made of lava!

  • Evader

    Um… Seriously how did that dog get on the top of the fridge?!
    Or is that normal in America?

  • Charles Sullivan

    Are these feral dogs? Unteachable dogs? Mafia dogs? Gangster dogs? I’d say it’s time for a bit of, ahem, conditioning.

    • sqlrob

      Obviously, they are Mafia *cats*

      They turned stoolie and are in the witness protection program.

  • bbgunn

    There’s a thin line between the look of “Crap. You caught us” and “You look delicious.”

  • embertine

    I want to tsk at the dog on the worktops (because my cats are not allowed to do that) but my brain keeps getting derailed with AWW PUPPEH! German Shepherds FTW.

  • ajb47

    I for one bow to our new furry overlords.

  • Roving Rockhound, collector of dirt

    I see an intact bottle of ketchup… was there significant destruction? Was the goal to obtain out-of-reach food, or was it to get to out-of-reach places, just for fun?

    There’s a dog park I can’t take my dog to anymore. She thinks climbing the big tree is the coolest thing ever. She’s a bit like a goat and can do it safely, but other not-so-agile dogs try to join, and that’s just not safe. My dog and your fridge dog would get along.

  • J*

    FridgeDog is inanimate, correct?