A Zombie Apocalypse Team (Blogathon 29/49)

Michaelyn here!

Zed asks: If a zombie apocalypse occurred, who would you want to be in your ideal survival group?

1. JT Eberhard – He’s humanity’s best chance in a zombie apocalypse.

2. Tony Stark/Iron Man – Seriously…He’s a quick thinker. His only downfall would be that he’s selfish, so if he didn’t care about the team, we might be screwed. We may need to include Pepper Potts so that she might talk sense into him.

3. Albus Dumbledore – Because he kind of kicks ass. Just to clarify, I’d prefer he be alive if I had him on the team.

4. The Black Widow – I was trying not to use another Avenger, but I needed another woman because it was just me and Pepper on the team, and Black Widow was the most kickass woman I could think of off the top of my head.


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