American Sign Language! Taking a class.

Christina here…

My husband and I are taking an ASL class this fall.

So I thought I would post some of my favorite ASL videos:

YouTube Preview Image


YouTube Preview Image


Yup… It’s the same song. Sorry!


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  • Leah @ Unequally Yoked

    Oh yay! I’ve been taking ASL too, and this is my favorite video: Jar of Hearts, but this one is pretty close: Re: Your Brains.

  • mrianabrinson

    This is one of my favourite ASL songs:

  • Shelley P.

    I didn’t know you were taking a ASL class! That’s cool. When I get home, we can Sign together (The little that I remember anyway. Perhaps you can teach me some by then!)

  • mrianabrinson

    Here’s another… Yeah, I seem to like songs with that word:

    Check out Keith Wann while you’re at it. He’s got some good stuff too, not just songs, but stories too:

    Sorry I didn’t put it all in one post, but it was all an after thought.

    • J*

      Nice! I was coming to post that one!