Answering Your Questions (Blogathon 20/49)

Michaelyn here!

If you have any questions for me, go here!

Sarah asks: Does JT snore? He totally does, I bet.

Yes, but it’s not loud. It’s kind of a cute, quiet snore usually. Although when he’s completely exhausted, he can get loud.

Cara asked: What went through your head the very first time you saw JT?

Well, honestly the very first time I saw him I thought, “This is weird,” because I already knew who he was. I had read his blog and we had a lot of mutual friends on Facebook, so I saw his name a lot. It was kind of weird to have him introduce himself when I already knew his name. Fun fact: the day we met, he got my phone number when he did a card trick and texted me a prediction of what 4 cards I would have in front of me. Pretty smooth.

sarahm said: Tell us about your major or about your school.

I attend the University of Kansas in Lawrence, KS. We’re the Jayhawks, and I pretty much love my school. My major is physics. I’ll graduate with a Bachelor of Science degree in two years. My major involves a lot of math which I enjoy, and I’m just getting into the interesting part. The first couple of physics courses I had to take involved basic setups with inclined planes, ignoring air resistance and neglecting friction. They mainly annoyed me. But this past semester I got to take Modern Physics where we studied relativity and got a small intro to quantum mechanics. This course was really difficult, but I really enjoyed the topics.

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