Atheists fighting real problems in the real world. Go figure.

Foundation Beyond Belief is trying to do something never done before: they’re trying to break the Leukemia Lymphoma Society’s record for funds raised by a new organization in the Light the Night Walk.

The American Cancer Society doesn’t want the help of atheists.  The Leukemia Lymphoma Society does.  As Greta Christina has said, atheists are a group you want on your side.  Here’s our chance to prove it further.

Todd Stiefel is helping.  The Stiefel Freethought Foundation will match every dollar up to $500,000 (making their goal $1,000,000, which would break the record).  They’re also offering incentives for the top teams.

You can help by joining a team or donating (or even just spreading the word).  Employee and students with the Secular Student Alliance are getting in on the act, so you know it will not only be for a good cause, but it’ll be hella fun.  :)

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