Christina here…


As much as I love blogging, doing it for 12 hours straight is a little mind-numbing. But now that I’m done, I don’t want to quit.

What do I do now? Actually get off my computer? I don’t even know. It’s like I just got off work, but don’t plan to leave the office. After a long days’s work, I love to spend some time relaxing on the intertubes…



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  • rachelpridgen

    You rocked! It was fun following along today. :-)

  • Shelley P.

    It was fun following along for me too, even though I slept 7 hours in between the beginning and end. Still, made for a nice wake-up to read everything you posted.

  • Ronniekins

    Well done! There was some great stuff posted today, and I found it all really interesting to read. :D

  • Zengaze

    Thumbs up